What Runs Along the Top of the Troposphere ?

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What Runs Along the Top of the Troposphere ?

Along the top of the troposphere runs the tropopause.

Imagine the Earth's atmosphere like layers of a sandwich. The very bottom layer is called the troposphere, where we live and where weather happens. Now, along the top of this layer, there's something called the tropopause.

What Runs Along the Top of the Troposphere

Think of it like the lid of a box. This tropopause separates the troposphere from the layer above it, called the stratosphere. It's like a boundary line. It's important because it helps keep different parts of the atmosphere separated, like a barrier.

This tropopause area is important because it acts like a protective shield for the Earth. It stops some things, like certain gases and particles, from going up into the higher parts of the atmosphere. It's like a filter, making sure that only certain things pass through.

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